5 Tips for Saving Water at Home

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If you want to lower your utility bills while helping the planet, saving water at home is one of the easiest things that you can do. Here are some of the best ways to cut down your water usage.

Repurpose Water

Repurpose the water you already use. Save the water used to rinse vegetables and fruits to water your garden or household plants. When you run your faucet to wait for hot water, grab a container to capture the cold water and use it elsewhere around your home.

Turn Off Water While Brushing

Allowing the faucet to run while brushing your teeth is unnecessary and results in many gallons of water being wasted every year. Turn your faucet on for rinsing purposes and turn it off immediately after use to continue saving water at home.

Have Plumbing Leaks Repaired

Make it a priority to repairs any pipes or faucets that are leaking to avoid wasting more water. Leaks can occur in the hidden pipes that run through your walls. Often these types of leaks go unnoticed. The best way to identify leaks in your home is to hire a professional to do a comprehensive inspection.

Use Water Saving Faucets and Appliances

Certain faucets and appliances have been designed for the purpose of saving water at home. There are toilets, faucets, and showerheads on the market that help reduce your water usage. Newer appliances use less water and while still giving you the rinsing power that you need.

Save Water When Showering

By taking fewer baths and shorter showers, you’ll have an easier time accomplishing your goal of saving water at home. Consider setting a timer when you shower to become more aware of the time spent using water.

Saving water at home is easy when you take the right steps. Conserving water helps you feel better about your impact on natural resources, plus you’ll save on your monthly water bill.

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