5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance that can make it difficult to enjoy an evening outdoors. They can also spread illnesses to you and your pets. Fortunately, these tips will help keep mosquitoes off your property and away from your home.

1. Use Screens

Fine-mesh screens are the most effective way to keep mosquitoes out of your house. Install screening on all doors and windows. If you have existing screens, inspect them for tears and look for damage to the seals around the edges. Torn screens can be repaired with a patching kit. You may want to replace screens that have a compromised seal. Screening in your porch is an option for enjoying a mosquito-free outdoor space.

2. Eliminate Standing Water to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

Because mosquitoes need water to reproduce, eliminating standing water is essential to keep mosquitoes off your property. Items in the yard like children’s toys, tires, buckets, bird baths, pet bowls, pool covers, and plant saucers collect water. Move these items inside, turn them over, or drill holes in them to prevent water from puddling. For items that can’t be addressed in those ways, dump water from them as soon as possible after it rains.

Clogged gutters are a common but often forgotten source of standing water. Keeping your gutters clean prevents mosquitoes from using them as a breeding ground. Divots in your yard or driveway are another place water can pool. Fill holes with soil or gravel to help keep mosquitoes off your property.

Water features like backyard ponds can be treated by a professional with larvicide. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) is a popular larvicide that’s not toxic to aquatic life, fish, or mammals. BTI only works on mosquito larvae. It does not kill adult mosquitoes.

3. Fix Outdoor Leaks

Leaks from outdoor faucets and pipes can create enough of a puddle for mosquitoes to reproduce. Leaks should be repaired promptly to keep mosquitoes off your property.

4. Trim Vegetation

During the day, mosquitoes like to stay in cool, shaded areas. Keeping your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed helps keep mosquitoes off your property. You may also want to consider cutting tree limbs that cast shade in your yard.

5. Run Fans Outside to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

Mosquitoes are not strong flyers. Running fans outdoors is a good option when people are in your yard for an extended period, like for a cookout. Fans make it difficult for mosquitoes to navigate. Consumer Reports found that fans deterred mosquitoes more effectively than citronella candles and diffused geraniol, a natural repellent.

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