Tasks Around the Home to Prepare for Vacation

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When heading out on a well-deserved vacation, you want to relax and not worry about things at home. Preparing your property and home before you leave will take a little planning, but it can save you a lot of headache, money, and time down the road. Here are things you can do around the house to prepare for vacation.

1. Clean Your Home to Prepare for Vacation

It is important to clean your house before you leave. Returning to a dirty home is a rough way to end your vacation. Wash and put away the laundry. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Sweep or vacuum the floors and take out all of the trash. You may not have time to do everything perfectly, but to prepare for vacation, clean the house.

2. Check Locks and Security Devices

To keep your home safe while on vacation, check all of your locks. Make sure they are working and secure. Confirm that all windows lock or they have security dowels in the track so they cannot be opened from the outside. The garage door is often forgotten. Test it and verify that it is locked. If you use remote doorbells or cameras, refresh their batteries. Check these items well before your vacation in case you need to call a locksmith or a repair person.

3. Adjust the Temperature

Save money while you are gone by adjusting the thermostat to a reasonable temperature. If you have plants, a fish tank, or other items that need some level of climate control, set your thermostat as needed. In a cold climate, keep the house warm enough so the plumbing will not freeze. In warm environments, plants will die or wilt if left in a baking home.

4. To Prepare for Vacation, Stop Mail Deliveries

While you are away, have a friend collect your mail. Also, the US Postal Service will hold your mail and you can have it delivered on the day you return. Stop any newspaper subscriptions and if you are having anything delivered, make arrangements to have the package held, delivered to another location, or have a neighbor pick it up from your porch.

5. Final Steps to Prepare Your Home Before A Vacation

Turn the water off at the street level or inside the house. You may want to leave the landscaping sprinklers on, but the rest of the home will be better without water. Before you leave, set a timer to turn lights on in the evenings. Finally, verify that all doors are secure and lock up as you leave.

It takes some work to get your home ready before a vacation, but it’s well worth the peace of mind you’ll have while you are away.

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